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Grant Aid

The largest part of the Commission's budget is allocated to grant aid with just under 80% of its budget being allocated for 2014.

JOAC will give preference to projects located in countries in Africa and Latin America which are within the bottom 50 countries on the HDI (Human Development Index-2011 rankings ) and which are directly concerned with water and sanitation, primary healthcare, education and the development of sustainable livelihoods.The Commission will also consider aspplications in respect of projects located in the following countries in Asis: Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bhutan.

JOAC does not wish to discourage agencies from looking to it to suport imaginative or exceptional projects where support is clearly required, even though they do not fall within the above criteria. The presumption against supporting a project which falls outside these parameters may be overcome by the exceptional quality of the particular application.

As JOAC will fund a great many varied projects in developing countries it is not itself able to carry out the vital functions of overseeing the work and the funding of those projects it supports. While JOAC may visit current or completed projects it will rely on reports from funded Agencies to assess the outcomes of any supported projects. 




For Further information please download our Explanatory Booklet below.