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Grant Aid

The largest part of the Commission's budget is allocated to grant aid, usually 80%. It funds one year projects and part or whole of multi-year programmes.

 JOAC has set the maximun grant for a single project to £100,000.00 with multi-year programmes up to £250,000.00, but there would be some flexibility in the amount spent each year.

JOAC will give preference to projects and multi-year programmes located in countries which are within the bottom 50 countries ranked on HDI (Human Development Index ).

 JOAC will also consider imaginative or exceptional projects where support is clearly required, even though they may not fall within its policies.






For Further information please download our Explanatory Booklet below.


 Explanatory Booklet July 2015 Explanatory Booklet July 2015 (245 kb) - click to download
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